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Use of waste material For craft: The easiest and most effective way in which we can control the recking of the environment is with the use of recycling the waste into useful goods rather than just throwing it away and causing a hazardous environment. Everyone can act on their behalf to help conserve nature and keep the society and country clean which will also help in creating more useful goods out of the waste.

Students are the future of the world and across the globe, large number of schools are now making children aware of the multiple usages of waste material to involve them in Projects which will help them create various items from waste to encourage recycling and artistry.


When I was a kid there was extracurricular activities session every week in our school which gave us unique opportunity to get involved in Projects converting waste into goods.

For making the waste material of craft Projects consists of mainly:

  1. Recycling of garbage.
  2. Crafting decorative items from unused or waste material.
  3. Society cleanliness program.
  4. Social awareness programs at many levels to make masses aware of the possibilities of Waste conversion.
  5. Education in schools and colleges through Handcrafting items from waste.


Projects in schools for the students to make the Waste material re-usable:

  1. Make the old unusable CD into a Clock

waste-material-art-craftWe all have CD’s that are of no use to us now and it is kept in an old attic but through some easy modification, we can use it with a cheap alarm clock which is also unusable to make a whole new CD CLOCK.

Step By Step follow this to make CD Clock

  1. Start by removing the machinery from the back of the clock and put them separately and make sure not to damage or misplace any part to avoid any confusion.
  2. Bring in the old alarm clock with any quickly adhesive glue and make the CD, put the machinery at the back side of the CD with help of glue Fewi Kwik (glue) (super bond )is to be used for instant results.
  3. Gently put the numbers and hands of the clock at the front of the CD.
  4. If u have any back stand of any broken photo frame it can be placed at the back of the CD also to be able to use it as table clock on your study table.
  5. You can customize the front of the clock with family photos or glitter and thought’s also which will give your clock more artistic look.
  6. Put the battery on the back of the clock and you are ready with your clock.

Make art craft from waste material #2

  • Windchime from your unused key’s

The key which is very often seen lying in your drawers and has no locks to open can be used as an attractive looking wind chime which will give a soothing sound whenever it is blown by wind.

  1. You only need to collect all the unused key in your house to make a bunch of it.
  2. A strong sting is to be used to tie them all together.
  3. Round shaped bronze hanger is required to be put at the top of wind chime to give it a traditional wind chime look.
  4. Tie the string in each of the keys according to their shape and size and connect them all to the hanger above.
  5. You can put it in your kid’s room or your balcony where the wind will constantly blow it and give u the pleasant sound of harmony.

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Waste Material art & craft #3

  • Tin can based lanterns

waste-material-tin-can-lanternsThese tin cans have various usage and are widely considered as the main crafting item.

  1. All you need to do is arrange a tin can which well-shaped and rust free then you have to paint it from the outside as well as from the inside with your favourite colour make sure the paint is coated after a layer of primer to smoothen and durable.
  2. Carve holes in the can with the help of nail and hammer the pattern of holes can be in any shape you like.
  3. Place a light bulb inside it to give it the amazing lantern look and you are set to shine your house with this easily crafted waste material item.


Easy Waste Material project #4

  • Used Pepsi bottle turned into a fighter plane toy

best-out-of-waste-material-from-plastic-bottleSoft drink bottles are the considered garbage as soon as it empties our what most people do not realize is the material which is used is made out of plastic and its quality is that it never wears out and can be used into multiple items to be transformed into.

  1. Firstly, take the Pepsi standard 500 ml bottle and paint it flashy shinning color which the kids will like to play with and make some cartoons image on top of it.
  2. Make a cut on both sides of the bottle to make the wings to pass through it.
  3. Cut a cardboard in the shape of wings and write some inspirational thought on it paint it with the same color as the bottle is painted in.

Make school project from Waste Material #5

  • Old Glass converted into a toothbrush stand

Old Glass waste art craftGlasses are easily available in the household kitchens and are only used for drinking, it can be very efficiently used in other tasks as well because of its shape and availability everywhere.

  1. Paint an old unused glass with glass paint as only this paint gets a hold of the glass shiny surface and paint any favourite image of your choice.
  2. Place the glass in your bathroom sink and put toothbrushes or tongue cleaners as well and you have successfully crafted a waste material item into a useful day to day usage good.

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CONCLUSION: Besides from the above-mentioned methods of Waste material crafting there are other projects which will benefit the reusability of materials and creating awareness about it.

  1. Residential societies across the world must make garbage disposal at the proper place to avoid any litter being thrown away at an unauthorized place.
  2. They must keep their surroundings clean by encouraging others to involve their neighbours’ in projects about cleanliness.
  3. Schools and colleges must give their students a special period in their schedule about waste material recycling and crafting methods.
  4. Seminars can be held regarding the waste material usage at social gathering which will result in people becoming aware about the various projects of waste material usage into different items and goods created by both kids and adults.

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