Top DIY decoration Videos Which Are Made From Waste

Hi there, everyone one wants to make their home look different and best from their neighbor.

So today we came up with best out of waste videos series where I will share the top DIY decoration you can watch and learn from to make your home interior come to life.

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Top best out of waste videos (Part 1)

1. Sitting Stool from paint bucket

This is best if you have made a new home or just painted you home because then you have one thing left for sure i.e. paint buckets. In this video, you will learn how to make a stool from paint bucket and make use of it to have a use for the home purpose.At the time of writing this article, this video had 1.7 Million Views and the channel was subscribed by 91 thousand users. Channel Name Sonali’s Creations if you like then don’t forget to show your love to the owner.

2. Waste newspaper wall hanging decor

Wall hanging a large decorative piece of fabric or other material hung on the wall of a room.Our Next video shows the utilization of Newspaper which is very common in every place. So why waste them. By watching the video, you can learn to make a wall hanging a decorative piece of fabric for the living room.

It looks creative and adds a personal touch to the home.For this Item, you will need following things: 1. Newspaper 2. Lace 3. Golden thread 4. Fabric glue 5. Glue 6. Golden paper 7. Needle.

If you want to make more things out of waste newspaper, then don’t forget to check out this article written on ways to best out of waste newspaper.

This video at the time of writing had 1.6 Million views and 320K subs. Channel name is Artkala.

3. Wall Decor from waste material

This video is one of my favorite and watching it till last you will know too.This is again wall décor idea from waste material. This wreath is made from cardboard, color papers. Few colorful threads and clothes pieces.

The after the made product is so customizable that it can be made for any occasion like Christmas, new year, Halloween, Diwali or any festivals. This easy best out of waste idea DIY craft is for home decoration and gift purpose.

The video is from channel StylEnrich had 1.2 Million views and 259K subs. Show your love by sharing this article.

4. Wind chime from waste material video

One of the popular things home décor has is wind chimes. So our next videos on making a wind chime from waste material at home. This is beautiful looking waste wind chime can be made for the special occasion.

This requires few materials like thread, waste papers, glue, scissor and few more things you can see in the video.

At the time of publishing, this post video was watched 390K views. Channel name Tanis Gallery.


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