Best Out Of Waste Art & Craft Form Old Clothes

Clothes are considered a person’s identity because it reflects the personality of that person and with every changing season’s and fashion trends, we all have to purchase new clothes which suit our body requirements.

This very need of clothes has made the old clothes into completely waste which we no longer even consider to look and lock them away in the closet or trunks in our house.

These wasted clothes can be used to craft new items which can be used to wear again or be used on daily basis for another purpose.


This crafting technique is not only easy and effective but also is a useful skill which must be encouraged to be taught to everyone to reduce the waste production at their individual level and make good use of the waste products at home.

Best Out Of Waste Form Old Clothes – Make art & Craft

The following are some of the crafting items which are made from completely from waste clothes

  1. Multipurpose Cloth Bag– This is the most common product that comes in mind when cloth crafting is considered and it is only useful thing to craft but provides us with many usages once crafted it give ways to more items to be put along with it such as zippers, pouches and old buttons can also be used in this crafting technique to give more of a cute and good looking bag to carry. All it requires is the clothes which is not toured or has weak threading coming out from it. Materials used in crafting are old cloth, thread, and needle, scissors, zipper, stitching machine.

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Steps for crafting the following item are as follows

  • Take a cloth that has been in good condition for e.g.- winter shirts, sweatshirts
  • Cut the clothe evenly form both sides with the help of scissors
  • Stich them together in parallel direction make sure the stitching is done with a strong thread machine stitching is advised for the purpose.
  • You can make small pouches on the outside surface of the bag to make the bag useful in carrying small products such as coins.
  • Start stitching the zipper on the top edge on the side of the bag.
  • Cut a long string of the cloth for the bags carrying purpose and stitch it on top end sides of the bag. The length of the string can be long or short depending on the purpose of the bag.
  • Embroidery can be done on both sides of the carry bad to make it more beautiful.

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  1. Cloth based crafted Phone wallet– It is perhaps the most useful crafted item because it is used in daily purpose to carry your cell phone along with you and it will surely look cool and classy on you and give a style statement of your own. The crafting of this product will only take minimum time and people will appreciate your work done on it. The material used in crafting the item is Clasp (the keychain clasp will work just fine for this), Little amount of fabric of any bright looking color, fusible fabric in small quantity.



Steps for crafting the item are as follows

  • You can adjust the size of the pouch according to the cell phone you are using, the standard size is considered of 5 inches.
  • Cut the fabric with at least twice the size of your phone if you are using a cell phone with a protective case then add about 2-3 inches more for e.g.-( if your phone is 2.5 inch then you will cut about 8-9-inch width.
  • For 5 inch phone, you will require 14 inches of clothe length cut off the excess cloth which is out of the size of the pouch before sewing.
  • The Fusible Fleece is to be sewed to the back side of the fabric’s pouch and iron it after the sewing process is done. It will provide a cushion to the pouch and safety to your phone.
  • Put your phone into the pouch to see how far it will go to be completely covered in the pouch and then do the cutting of the cloth which is left out extra.
  • Stich the top edge of the pouch to give the finishing touch touches.
  • Make a little strap at the top of the pouch about 4 inches in length and 2 inches wide, fold the side into its half side and make the right side sewed together and sew up the long side. Flip it to the right side and fold it in half.
  • Loop it in half and sew it through the complete side.

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  1. Dishtowel Belts crafted from old clothes – This cute looking item is crafted completely from old clothes it is very helpful in the use of kitchen works and which will end the hassle of placing your dishtowel near your dishwasher every time you do the dishes. It will prevent the towel from falling on the floor and misplacing them in the house every time. The material used in this crafting technique is really affordable and are available in every house such as Fabric, Velcro, strings. This item can be given away as a gift to your loved ones and they will surely appreciate your effort.



Steps for crafting the following item are as follows

  • The fabric used in the crafting must be 12×6 you can choose the size of the fabric according to the handlebar of the dishwasher.
  • Start folding it in from the right side and sew along the long edges which will start to appear like a tube shape.
  • Turn out to the right side a press it nicely it is very necessary to this step as it will make a lot of difference in the crafting.
  • Fold the end of the cloth and pin it.
  • Stich around the top of the item this process will sew down the edges and provide the whole item stability.
  • Add the piece of Velcro it is very easy to use than iron the complete item, do the ironing of the item for at least 2 minutes.
  • Make a flower knot on the fabric and leave it untied at the end, then start rolling up one end and glue it up together. Open the untied end and glue it up to the back to make it completely secure at the back.
  • Wrap it around the towel and adjust the length at which the towel is to be placed in the middle.

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  1. The Chapstick holder Keychain– This item is the easiest one of the above as it takes only a small piece of fabric and little time to craft it completely. In matter of looks, this item is the most liked and is always in trend amongst the young generation. The material used in crafting this item are small scraps of fabric and keychain ring and you are ready to craft.



Steps to craft the item are as follows

  • Begin by cutting the fabric with the help of scissors in on little piece about 3 ½ inches wide and 9 inches long.
  • Fold the fabric from the right side and sew it along the length of the fabric.
  • On one end fold it about ½ inch and sew it in that position fold it again in ½ inch and sew it again.
  • Flip the whole product and work on the other side of it, fold the other side and make sure that there is only one or two inch left at the top end of the fabric.
  • Sew both the side of the folded part.
  • Make a tiny hole at the top of the fabric to insert the key ring into the one end of the fabric to give it the final touch.

Art craft from old T-shirt

The following items are the best in crafting the old clothes into useful products and they are cost effective as well. By crafting these items, you will surely learn good hobbies and by crafting these items you can definitely inspire the others to do the crafting at home or at school. We hope the information mentioned above will provide you with the ideas to craft old clothes into beautiful items.

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