Best out of waste from Newspaper

The best thing about NEWSPAPER 📰 is that it can be recycled, but what if I say that you can re-use them by creating valuable things, let’s check out some interesting things you can make out of old newspapers. I’ll guide you step-by-step for every craft material out of newspaper.

Our main focus is to give you easiest steps possible so that you can make the best out of Waste that is from old stuff newspaper.

Best out of waste from Newspaper📰

You can either use magazines pages or newspaper as well. There are plenty of art and craft things you can make out of old magazines and newspapers.



Are you getting irritated just because your newly bought shoes are smelling now? well, that’s not a problem because by applying some baking powder to old newspaper and putting the same in your shoes in the crunchy form, it will soak up all the moisture and smell.

  1. Put some baking powder inside the pair of shoes, it will Absorb the Smelly Moisture of shoes as it has absorption properties.
  2. You can also apply baking powder to newspaper and then put it inside the shoes in a crunchy ball format.
  3. Leave it for the night and in the morning you will get the fresh smelling shoes.



You buying some expensive wrapping papers to gift your loved ones, well there is good cheap alternative available that is an old newspaper but it includes the art that is either the full photographic picture to wrap the gift from an old newspaper or take the full written content from the newspaper. This is because of the beautiful theme.

You can even use newspaper to give the final touches….

When you wrap up the gift you can add beautiful old newspaper by giving it a look in a stylish cutting way so that it will become more attractive

  1. first of all, be sure that you have enough workspace and also newspaper. Then roll out the newspaper over your gift. Measure if necessary and it will be better if you leave few inches extra just in case.
  2. Once you have cut the paper in right size, the next thing you have to do is place your gift facing down in the centre of the paper. Bring your paper alongside the box, up to the centre of your package will both sides enough tightly so that your paper hug the gift sharply and tape it closed
  3. after that close the ends, face the open and what your side and fold both the right and left edges, make sure you make or form flaps.
  4. Just fold top flap tightly by pulling it sharply and taping it the same. Repeat the same process on the other side of the package.
  5. Make the position to the top facing up, with the help of your thumb and forefinger running across the edges to give it a sharp creased look. Repeat the same from the bottom side also. Your gift wrapping is ready, name it as per your choice and you can also decorate it with sparkles.

Best out of waste from Newspaper Easy


You can transform your old newspaper into feather duster, and it is easy too. For this thing, you just have to cut the newspaper into strips and bind it together from one end, you can attach stick in the bottom to give it a support. Steps to turn waste newspaper into feather duster.

  1. First of all, you need two-three bamboo stick, newspapers, glue, yarn and patience.
  2. Hold the sticks together and hold it tightly from the one end and put the glue on another end.
  3. Put a knot in the glue side of stick and after that use a long piece of yarn and wrap it all over the bamboo stick, let it dry.
  4. Secure both ends by using glue.
  5. You have to create the padded base for the handle by wrapping either by foam or sheep fleece.
  6. Again cut the long piece of yarn and tie it over the foam with the glue.
  7. Cut the newspapers into stripes, size depends on you.
  8. Choose the end side you want to stick the strips of newspaper.
  9. Put newspaper stripes around the foam and apply glue. Tie it again with the yarn. Leave it to dry. Your feather duster is ready.


Are you in love with sending letters? If this is the case, then your old newspapers are going to help you in the best possible way. You can do it just by cutting and sticking them from the sides and applying glue and that’s it. You can decorate it by colours or speaking some another colour paper over it as per your wish.

  1. First, you need newspapers, glue, scissors, coloured pencils, crayons and craft knife.
  2. Choose the sides of the envelops and also the design of the envelopes.
  3. It is better to check the design and print it for the purpose of help.
  4. The next step is to cut into the shape of desired structure, may be heart or box shape. Use marker before cutting to get sharp edges.
  5. Careful if you are using craft knife make sure it is used by an adult because these knives are very sharp and can cut your finger.best_out_of_waste_from_newspaper
  6. Fold it – you have to turn the envelope down from the printed side as shown in the pic
  7. use glue and stick the same.
  8. Insert card and seal it.

Best out of waste from Newspaper Basket


Are you looking for how to make basket using newspaper then here we are sharing step by step procedure with image for easy understanding. You can make or weave your own basket and keep your important things in it like car keys, your sunglasses, accessories etc. This can be done by using old newspapers. You can also gift it to other people.

  1. Prepare strips of paper to start weaving your basket that is used three different colours papers so that you can easily distinguish between them, draw a horizontal line equally between them so that you can cut it according to that. This will be your base in the mini basket.
  2. Weave the base of your basket in the previous step you made 8 strips and now starting from the top line you will start holding the strips. After holding, folding process will begin. Make sure that all strips are equal.
  3. Now take one and half times strips from the regular strips and fold it vertically to fit it horizontally, this is necessary to create the wall like structure. Make sure that you have to continue the step till it reaches the top. Colouring the strips is the best way to identify the weaving process.
  4. Make sure that you stick all the strips with glue till the top.
  5. Make the handle for your mini basket this can be done by sticking one strip at the top of the base.
  6. Colour it according to your choice and see how beautifully it will look at the end of your completion of work.


Ya you may find it funny but it’s actually creative way to make something interesting out of old newspaper and it is easy too, but be careful of wet weather as they are not waterproof.

  1. You need newspapers, scissors, glue, ribbon, cloth wire.
  2. Gather all these things from the local craft store they are at very low cost.
  3. Now, cut the newspaper into circle using around or craft knife the size should be appropriate, let’s say 12 inches? After that, you have to cut the spiral into the circle and keeping at least one inch of Gap.
  4. Starting from the outside edge, cut till you reach out the main centre.
  5. Now the next step is you have to create curled petals but first put the rolled paper into enough space and allow it to control a bit.
  6. Now, stick glue to the base of the paper.
  7. To create a stem of the flower, use floral cloth wire at the end of the flower and stick it with the glue and make sure to hide the top point by using some torn piece of paper.
  8. Continue making flowers until you have lots of flowers and stick it together give a wedding bouquet -like feeling.
  9. Knot the flowers with floral cloth wire and hide it with ribbon to give a pleasing look.

Best out of waste with Newspaper Bags


If you’re spending your hard earned money on gift bags, take a look at your old newspapers and how they can be magically transformed into good-looking gift bags.

  1. You will need scissors, glue, stapler, newspapers, piece of cardboard, thin plastic, rope (if necessary).
  2. It will take only five minutes to make these bags.
  3. Folding and stapling-take a full-size paper and fold it and staple it. If you have plenty of time, then you can also use glue but you have to put it away until it dries.
  4. Staple it from the bottom also, to give a base. You can use cardboard for the strong base.
  5. Supports and handles are to be placed in the bag and you can make it either by using rope or thin plastic and finally stapling ping it from both edges.
  6. To give a gift like look all you need to do is putting some sparkle on it and colouring it the same from the outside and giving it a design.


If you are thinking to spend a fortune on your indoor decorations, you can take a look at how you can make pretty good garland with old newspapers and magazines.

  1. Here you need tissue papers, scissors, string, embroidery needle, newspapers.
  2. Now you will be thinking of how to make Tissue Wisteria? Well, that will not be a problem follow these steps-
  3. fold the paper into a rectangle, cut the folded paper into balloon shape it will create multiple patterns of petals.
  4. Now fold petals into the lengthwise and you have to do some twisting from the narrow end. And then old twist into petals and finally pinch end of petals. Repeat the same to create multiples petals.
  5. Now here comes the work of threaded needle. pierce the narrow end of petal. Repeat the step to create the desired length.
  6. Just trim the access string from the bottom.
  7. Don’t forget to tie the bottom of the strings.





Have you ever thought of sticking black-and-white print newspaper into the wall you may think that it will not work but it will, really does?



These are really great for small plants or which are about to grow. They’re easy to make too and looks good also.

  1. Here the steps are same as gift/carry bags.
  2. The only difference is it will be small and cute.
  3. All you need to do is when you complete the bag put seeds and soil in it but make sure to cover the base and the sides with cardboard so that watering will not affect directly to the newspaper.

Best out of waste from Newspaper creative



Need to make a difference? Or you are going for a photo shoot that is much more different than other people, it is time to Wear your newspaper, yes I’m not joking you can make your dress from old newspapers and it will look stylish but at the same time it will depend on how you carry it.

This is divided into three parts: –


  1. The first step is to collect your all old newspapers.
  2. The second step is to gather supplies such as pen or pencil, adhesive tape which is non-toxic, measuring tape, strings.
  3. The third step comes as taping two newspapers together, this can be done by spreading as much as possible the newspaper and sticking the other newspaper with a tape. You can slightly overlap one paper over another.
  4. The next step is to measure your waist; this can be done with the help of measuring tape. Be sure in measuring because further process will depend on it. Note down the measuring numbers.
  5. Also, try with putting newspaper on your waist and taking the length required and Mark the joining points. Make sure that it is wrinkle free and totally smooth. Ask a friend, if you’re not able to do it alone.
  6. You have to make a line where ever newspapers are overlapping, this thing is important because from this part you will be making your bottom dress.
  7. Now remove the newspaper from your waist and shoot look like a lampshade. Make sure that it is in the same shape when it was in your waist. Don’t forget the taping part.


  1. Adding several layers-in part one we have done all the measurement work now it’s time to create a full-length skirt. Remembering part one you did lampshade work on your skirt, now it’s time to add layers to it. You can add as many as layers you want mainly depends on your size, if you have bigger waist, you need more newspapers.
  2. Now the next step is you have to take the scissors and start cutting from the middle of your newspaper from the back side (from skirt). This will eventually help you to take off and on your skirt.
  3. Another step is that you have to create two small strips out of new newspaper. Fold it in half lengthwise in a cylindrical shape make sure to secure it by applying tape.
  4. Now you can use these two strips to create a drawstring for the back of your skirt. Here put one strip at the back of your skirt slit and start taping it in a 1-inch gap, repeat the same on the other side also. Make sure that both strips are identical and taping is equally done.
  5. Now here comes the use of strings. Start feeding one piece to another in a corresponding way. It will secure it and will help you to tighten and loosen the skirt.


  1. Again take two more newspapers and take it together like you did it in the very first step.
  2. Now in the second step will cut the newspaper in a curve shape so that it will resemble like a low-cut dress.
  3. The next step is that you have to hold the newspaper and fold it slightly from the bottom. This will prevent awkward look when paired with skirt.
  4. Now take the two taped piece of newspaper together and cut the slit through the half from the non-curved side. You have to pull the one and of the slit one another in giving it slight angle.
  5. Now you have to tape the top portion of your torso or around your torso, it should resemble a bikini top. See how much newspapers need for the top to fit. It should fall on top of your chest.
  6. Tape the top back on and it should slip from the bottom. Now you have a full dress just wrap it around your waist and tape it. You can attach strings if you want. All the decoration parts depend upon you. You probably need someone to help you out.



Are you throwing your old newspapers into dustbin? Why not make it dustbin out of newspaper? Yeah, that’s true it looks really great and attractive too.

  1. You need five sheets of newspapers.
  2. Make a square from those newspapers and you can slightly overlap them.
  3. Make another square in another direction
  4. Place the fifth newspaper in the centre
  5. Now fold it to make a triangle -like look
  6. Now you fold one side of the triangle in
  7. And same for the other corner
  8. And for the last corner on the middle part and the folder down.
  9. Again turnover and fold the corner again down
  10. Now it will look like a large envelope
  11. Open it and you have a bin. You can add cardboard in the end to the base of the bin to make it strong. Decoration part mainly depends on your thinking.




Are you inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Let your kids enjoy paper swords which is less hurtful than other material like plastic and it is easy to make.

  1. It is very much clear from the pics of how to make the sword out of paper, all you need is paper, scissors, tape, cardboard.
  2. Sword will take only 5 minutes to make.
  3. It is safe as well as looks good in the hands of your kid.



Yes, you can make flowers out of old newspapers and they look very beautiful and attractive. All you need is creative hands and proper guidance.

  1. Here you need a scissor, paper (newspaper), glue.
  2. I am attaching the pics which will simplify the process to the easiest way possible.
  3. As it is clear from the pics which has steps written within it. You can easily make a simple beautifully looking flower with any colours.


More Best out of waste from Newspaper Ideas 

We will add step by step guide with image for below ideas of waste material used.


Do you love spring season? Or any other season in which you look fallen leaves, why not give a newspaper the shape of the leaves. Their easy to make and requires concentration and nothing else they look beautiful on the wall while decorating some event.



All your pencils and pens can be put together on your desk by using a pencil holder made up of old newspapers. They look good on the desk and at the same time attractive.



Want to motivate a kid? Yes, by creating an award badge out of newspapers. These badges are very attractive and free of any cost.


You can use your newspaper to make a statement necklace and they look unique and attractive and are easy to make when instructions are followed properly. It will inspire others also as they are inexpensive but look expensive.




Want to give important paper a look? You can do it by using old newspapers and sticking it to sides of the paper. It will not only protect the edges of the important paper but also give it a very unique and attractive look in the eyes of others.



Have you looked the movie Alice in Wonderland? If yes, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! Yes, you can make paper mushrooms out of old newspapers that look exactly like the ones in the movie.



There are numerous amount of art and craft techniques using old newspapers, only few are listed by me here as there are much more to serve in the plate. Do you have any creative idea to make something creative out of newspaper? If yes, we would love to hear that what it is…

Please put your comment in the reply section and if you need any help, feel free to contact us.

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