Top DIY Best Out Of Waste From Newspaper to Decorate Home

Create out of waste: The materialistic things that we see around us seems to be of waste, most of the time. But now there will not be anything that would be getting wasted anymore. So let everyone be made aware of the most common material that is found in abundance around us.

Best out of waste from newspaper

The thing I have been talking about here is NEWSPAPER. The thing that has got wasted most of the time up till now would no more be lying idle at a place around us. Through this article, we will be learning to reuse and convert the newspaper into creative artifacts and take the best out of waste by newspaper.

Let’s get started with our first newspaper waste item. The list and method of how to make items out of the waste newspaper are:


  1. Newspaper cutting confetti bowl

Newspaper confetti bowl

So before getting into the making of a newspaper cutting CONFETTI BOWL, let’s get to know about the materials required for its making.

So, in order to make a newspaper cutting confetti bowl, we need:

  1. A big sized balloon
  2. Fevicol stick,
  3. tissue papers
  4. Old Newspapers
  5. Water
  6. Paint brush
  7. Scissors
  8. Glitters

So let’s just start up by blowing a big balloon and tying its knot. After the balloon is being blown up, keep it aside for a while and proceed towards the next step. Now, take a bowl and pour some fevicol and water into it in the ratio 5:3. Tear the newspaper into small bits and start pasting them onto to the balloon by applying the fevicol solution, also called GUM PASTE, using a paint brush.

These pieces of a newspaper should be glued onto the balloon so as to give it a shape of a bowl. Now keep this ball- pot thing aside until it dries off. After it dries off, burst the balloon. But before bursting, make sure that the newspaper layer on the balloon is thick enough.

Now the bowl is to be covered with a layer of tissue paper. For this layer, again apply the bits of tissue papers using the fevicol solution. Let it get dry. After this drying process, take some colored and glossy part of the newspaper and prepare the CONFETTI. (Confetti refers to the smallest bits of papers which are colorful in nature.) Now, paste the confetti onto the prepared bowl.

The confetti should be pasted such that there is not even a single spot visible of the tissue layer. Keep the ready bowl aside so that it gets hard enough to be a BOWL. If you want your newspaper cutting confetti bowl to be more lustrous, sprinkle or paste some glitters onto your bowl. And here, your most awaited NEWSPAPER CUTTING CONFETTI BOWL is ready to take place in your homes on the table top.

  1. Newspaper rolled bracelets


Paper rolling newspaper bracelets

To start up with the making of the best out of waste paper turned bracelets, let’s just first have a quick way through the material requirements for it’s making. So here are some readily available materials for our next waste material recreation.

The materials required for the same are:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Gum paste (fevicol + water in 5:3 ratio)
  3. Elastic wire
  4. Scissors
  5. Color dust(if necessary)

Now let’s get to start up with our next item, that is a newspaper rolled bracelets. First of all, take some newspapers and cut it into some bits of dimension 10 inches * 2.5 inches. Now take the pieces of the newspaper of mentioned size, roll them all and after pasting them, keep all the rolls aside. Now cut out the elastic wire of dimension 4 each.

Now join all the newspaper rolls through the 4-inch elastic wire and make it into a round shape so as to give it a bracelet look.Now to the above-prepared bracelet, you can paint some color dust of your choice, if required to make it look attractive.


Newspaper rolled bracelet before applying color dust

The addition of color dust onto your bracelet is also most of the time, not necessary. This is because the bracelet without the use of color dust gives an antique look, which is in trend nowadays. So make as many kinds of best out of waste newspaper bracelets and be unique, antique and creative.

  1. Waste newspaper trendy wall hangings


Newspaper wall hanging

The waste material, newspaper, that we have been talking all through this article can be a reason behind your wall to have a decorative look. This is just been said as the next work we will be doing is to create the best out of waste newspaper trendy wall hangings.

For this item, there are only a few things that will be needed to create it. The requirements for this artwork are:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Mount board
  3. Copper wire
  4. Fevicol stick

Firstly, cut out the whole of the newspaper into squares of dimension 4 cm * 4 cm and collect them all aside. Now, one by one, take the square cutting of newspaper and fold it into a cone. After doing this process multiple times, you will get a collection of cones.

Secondly, take the mount board and cut it into a hollow circle of inner radius 10 cm and outer radius 20 cm. Now take the prepared cones one by one and start pasting them onto the mount board cutting like a cluster. To this mountboard covered with the cones, tie a copper wire at the back side of the board. This copper wire will provide support for hanging it on the wall.

So here, your wall hanging made out of waste newspaper gets ready to be hanged. You can even add some colors or color dust of your choice and can make your artwork look decorative.

These were some basic artwork structures that we can make best out of waste from newspaper. Some of them were as easy as an instant thing.

Every one of us is a creative soul with lots of creative ideas in mind. But the thing is to channelise and direct the thoughts coming into our mind in the creative way ever. So this article is a great step ahead to start channelising your thoughts in the right direction, starting with some tiny bits of waste newspaper to a masterpiece made from the best out of waste old newspaper.

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