Easy DIY Best Out Of Waste for Class 2 – Art & Craft ideas

So you are looking for easy art and craft DIY for your class 2 kid then you have come to right place. We have written this post on best out of waste for class 2 children.

In a kid’s life school plays a major role which lays the learning foundation for the kid’s life which is why it is very important to teach them the education about recycling the products and encouraging their interest in making waste products into useful and playful products to be used on day to day purpose.

If you want to teach your child the amazing skill of crafting waste items, then we have lined up the perfect list of waste crafting items which are especially been put up according to the knowledge of a class 2 student.


These type of methods are not only easy to learn but are also very cost effective as the material used is easily available in every household.


Below are some of the basic yet fun in learning best out of waste crafting skills:

  1. Photo frame– It is very easy to learn as well as tech as it requires only a cardboard and tape. You can start by taping a picture of your loved ones and take another cardboard which is covered with colored thread it will cover the photograph the second cardboard should be smaller as compared to the other one that it should not cover the outer cardboard, but the photo must be covered by it.

best_out_ of_waste-for-class2

Source: Make it easy

  1. Cardboard alphabet – This is the most basic crafting item which your kid will learn in just a few minutes. All you need is cardboard scissors and printed paper. Cover the cardboard with the printed sheet with the help of glue and make sure that the cardboard is in not a rotten state, the start cutting the cardboard into the alphabets of your choice do the first one yourself and then let your kid do the next one. This way will also help the kid to learn and craft simultaneously. This one is easy DIY best out of waste for class 2 kid and they will like it. It can be used at birthday parties, Christmas celebration decoration and for the matter of fact for engaging kids to do some creativity from the small age.


Source: Em for Marvelous

  1. A Banjo made from a paper plate – It is a beautiful instrument to listen to and even look at it, thus it gives us a good opportunity to craft it from the waste as the items required to do it are also easily available. We need a paper plate some wooden sticks and thread. If you want to decorate it, even more, the use of glitter can be useful. Start by glueing the plate with the wooden stick and then stick some more parallel small sticks at the plate to make them appear like strings.


Source: The chaos and clutter

  1. Crafted cap candles- The cap used in this crafting techniques is the one which is placed at the top of medicine bottles which are made of aluminium which are a perfect material to provide the base for the candle to stand on the table. All you need is the wax from the candle and a thread which will be lit at the top make sure the thread used is slightly thick to give a good light once lit. It is very cute looking and will give a class 2 student the perfect start for the waste crafting idea.


Source: The junk nest. BlogSpot

Easy DIY Best Out Of Waste for Class 2

  1. A Plastic bottle pet feeder– Our pets are the one which we love the most as kid’s they are our best friends and give us memories that last for a lifetime. To give them comfort and love is our priority and responsibility. This crafting item will fulfil just that and is an effective idea for a class 2 student, you will require plastic jars or bottle from which one is cut in horizontal shape and food can store at the top jar which will release the food in controlled state according to the amount the pet has to eat the jars need to be transparent so your pet can see the food which will attract towards the jars automatically.


Source: Pinterest

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  1. Plastic bottle’s crafted into kitchen boxes – The soft drink bottles which are the most common waste of every household also have a property other than just to store soft drinks in them and then to throw them away. You start by cutting the top of the bottle with a blade and then you can put a plastic cover on top of them which is also easily available in households they can be ordinary box covers which are normally used to store candy. Carve a hole at the cover for the retrieval of item stored and fix the cover on top of the bottle with the help of glue.

Best out of wastes class 2 plastic bottle

Source: YouTube

  1. Slippers made from paper waste– This crafting item proves that there are no limits for a class 2 student to craft an item. We all have paper waste which is commonly the newspapers we read before throwing them in the garbage next time teach your kid this crafting technique to get them involved in waste crafting. Kids like colors so give them the colored newspaper section to get them engaged in the work. Craft this item for your kid first make them stand on the newspaper and take their size of feet then cut the paper from the bottom accordingly and repeat this process on other paper as well for the upper portion of the slipper. Stick them both proportionally together with the help of glue and stick a sponge at the bottom of the slipper for walking comfort. Make the upper layer of the slipper in double sized to provide more durability to the slipper. You can wrap them up with tape to give them strength and attractive look.


Source: instructable


The above-mentioned crafting items are the ones specially made for class 2 students as they are growing and learning this will be the perfect start for them in crafting world and will give them encouragement to stop the waste production and learn and craft more of these beautiful items which are not only easy to learn but are also useful in day to day life and kids in schools will enjoy to do more of this type of stuff it is the perfect age and time for a kid in class 2 to learn and improve their crafting skills and make a better future for all of us also only if we could learn these small yet effective techniques of crafting.

Hope you like the best out of waste ideas for class 2 kids, if you have any more ideas then we would love to include them here.

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