Best Out Of Waste Ideas from Plastic

Best Out Of Waste Ideas from Plastic: The most popular and cheap material in the world is plastic and it is the major part of our lives and the products we use on daily basis it poses the unique property of a non-degradable material which is the major cause for its production at such a large scale. These are easy best out of waste material things for making useful iteam at home from plastic.

Our life is surrounded by it whether we use our mobile phone, drive our vehicles, eat food or decorate our homes, it is present everywhere. This production of plastic has made the world so dependent on it that we have forgotten the damage it causes if not recycled properly from man to animals all are affected by the hazardous causes of plastic.


Various methods have been introduced for its recycling process and some are effective as well, but the problem still persists and it can only be solved if each and every one of us makes the waste of plastic into a useful recycled product. It is only possible through the crafting of waste from plastic and it is very cost effective fun in leering and give an opportunity to the person to be creative and be an inspiration to the children as well as adults to encourage the reusability of plastic.

Best Out Of Waste Ideas from Plastic at home

We have some of the easiest and effective ideas to make waste of plastic into the best-crafted item.


  1. Plastic bottle based bird feeder This is the recycling method which I have tried to craft and it was easy and done in no time all you need is a plastic bottle normally a water bottle which is well shaped and transparent in color also with some plastic or wooden based spoons.

Method for crafting-

  • Firstly, take the bottle and make hole’s one under the other in it with the help of nail and lightweight
  • Insert the spoons in the bottle gently make sure the hole carved in the bottle is according to the size of the spoons.
  • Fill the bottle with bird food and place it in the balcony or garden of your home where birds are frequently seen or have a nest near to the location to make the food easily available to them.


Source: Herecomesthesun

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2. A Piggy Bank made with plastic bottle A precious and lovable thing in kid’s perspective is the cute looking piggy bank which also gives the kids a lesson to start saving from a very young age and it can be made out of plastic bottle too. It is not necessary for the bottle to look like a pig it can be any other animal of the kid’s choice.

Methods for crafting

  • The Bottle must be at least 1ltr in capacity and should be in any color available but can be colored in any of your favorite one.
  • Remove the bottom of the bottle and put a lid of cardboard on it, for it to be removed when the piggy bank fills.
  • Cut the cardboard in shape of ears and place them at the top of the bottle to appear like a face’s ear.
  • Sketch out the eyes align to the ears in resembles to make it look like a pig’s face.
  • Cut a small hole at the side of the bottle for kids to insert money or coins in the bottle.
  • Paint black color at the cap of the bottle for its nose and conceal it with glue.




3. Attractive carry bag made from Plastic Waste Bags used for carrying groceries or any other item is often used and thrown in trash but instead of trashing it out you can turn it into a beautifully crafted carry bag, which can be very attractive in look and will be used for and any other task as well.

Items for crafting-

  • Plastic bag in wide shape
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron for flattening the bag

Method for crafting

  • Make the bag flatten and remove the handles, allowing it to expand into its maximum size.
  • Invert the bag if it has any prints on it otherwise continue on the outer side of the bag.
  • Put layers of plastic on top of the bag normally 6-8 will do the job
  • Place your bag in between the other plastic bags.
  • Iron the bag with moderate amount of heat setting do this process for 15-20 seconds and flip the bag and repeat the process on the other side as well.
  • Peel off the upper layer’s corner and see if the bag has been flattening properly
  • Remove the parchment papers once the ironing is done properly and you have a plastic sheet which can be made into a plastic bag.
  • Put handles which can be caved in the bag using nothing but a scissor and must be cut in such a way.

Source: Myrecycledbags

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4. Basket crafted from Plastic waste- This crafting method can convert many other plastic bags into one good looking durable basket which can be used for multi purposes in day to day life and will give you lot of appreciation also as it requires lot weaving of bags also. Thicker bags are likely to produce more durable product.

Items used for crafting

  • Needles for sewing any sharp or random will work just fine.
  • A thread bundle must be matching according to color of the bags being sewed.
  • Thimble
  • Bags made from plastic mostly grocery bags are preferred.
  • Method for crafting
  • Flatten the bags and cut the tops and the bottom the begin the cutting process.
  • Cut wide stripes from the bag which will be used for sewing.
  • At least 3 bags are required for the braid to be sewed together
  • Hang these stripes on a fixed nail and start your braiding process.
  • Strips will be doubled over the other and it will be counted a single braid for eg: (six braid will each have a partner)
  • Make sure the braids are not too tight or to loose cause the texture quality will be lost if either is done.


Source: Pinterest

NOTE– The above mentioned are some of the many ideas for crafting waste plastic into useful crafting item and it is all done without any extra cost included all it requires is the time and dedication to make the items and inspire the ideas of recycling.

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